Stimulus Check Petitions Gain Momentum

stimulus checks

Stimulus Check provided huge financial relief to the Americans. The program was initiated by the administration of Joe Biden. The sudden onset of the covid pandemic devastated the entire country of America. People lost their jobs and the economy was going down the drain. 

In order to stem the immediate damage, the government provided monetary aid. The aid came in the form of Stimulus Checks. These checks were distributed among the citizens in three installments. The first installment consisted of $1200. The second checks were worth $600 & the third round was $1400. 

These stimulus checks made life a bit easier for the households amidst the pandemic. However, the people soon realized that the money would not suffice. Most of the low earners spend it to pay off their debts and rents. The situation is still very much gloomy in America. This calls for at least another round of payments from the government. 

Unfortunately, the federal government has been reluctant about more money. This has made several petitions surface in America. Let us take a quick look at some of them.  

Stimulus Check Money Demanded By The Citizens 

The reluctance of the government has made the citizens restless. This has resulted in several petitions being initiated. All the petitions propose extra cash from the federal government. Out of this petition, a couple of them have gone particularly viral. The ones initiated by Representative Ilhan Omar & Stephanie Bonin have grabbed significant attention.

The petition launched by Stephanie Bonin asks for $2000 monthly payments for everyone. In a recent statement, Bonin stated that a $1000 worth of Child Tax Credit stimulus check should be made permanent for the children. 

Omar’s petition calls for $1200 stimulus checks to be provided to the adults. The children should be given a sum of $600. With the median income slumping to $67,521 and all these petitions gaining mass, the government is under serious heat.