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Stimulus Check Plans For Years To Come

Stimulus Check has been demanded for a long time. The citizens of America have been raising this request for a long time. It has almost been three months since the demands of the fourth round of stimulus checks have surfaced. The shutdown has affected the people of America greatly. Most of the people lost their jobs during that period. Many others were not being paid sufficiently. 

To cope with the situation, several petitions have been launched. One such petition has gone viral in particular. The petition asked the government to provide monthly payments. It stated that people should be entitled to a check of $2000. This payment shall be discontinued once the pandemic crisis is over. A large number of people liked the idea. As a result, the bill gathered almost 3million signatures. This petition can be viewed at Change.org. With the possibility of a fourth stimulus check gone, let us talk about some alternatives below. 

Stimulus Check, Child Tax Credit, And More 

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As time passes, it seems evident that no more federal checks will be sanctioned. The government is currently working on the Build Back Better Plan. The plan has a huge budget of 1trillion dollars. It aims to address all major issues of the Americans. However, the bill has been in a lot of controversies lately. Strong opposition from the Republicans has delayed the bill significantly. 

The Child Tax Credit seems to be the only available stimulus check at the moment. The qualifying families will get their fifth installment of the check on 15th November. Democrats are keen on extending the benefits for at least another year. President Joe Biden has also expressed willingness towards the extension. However, the opposition parties did not align with the decision. 

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