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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Stimulus Check Possibilities And Demands

The department of the IRS has already generated over 169 million stimulus check payments. This was in the third batch of the payments. And they generated a total of 2.3 million financial aid payments in the month of July. The total amount of the payment was 1,400 USD per head. However some lawmakers are not satisfied with this, they still want the federal government to provide more financial aid payments to all the eligible citizens of the country.   

Stimulus Check Need Through Statistics

Though a lot of money has already been distributed by the federal government to the people in the form of stimulus checks, there is still the need for more money throughout the country. There still are millions of citizens of the United States of America who have not been dragged out of the financial struggle that they are going through owing to the coronavirus pandemic. 4 out of 10 citizens have claimed that their salary has lessened as compared to that of the pre-pandemic days.

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This was found through one of the surveys that were carried out by TransUnion which is a financial service firm. It is also quite evident that the coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated the hardships of the people which is why the demand for the recurring stimulus checks in the country is still on. 

It has also been found out that over 1 household out of 4 are unable to make their basic ends meet. The rate of unemployment in the country is 5.9%. The same during the pre-pandemic times was 3.5%. And although businesses throughout the country have started hiring people, it is not enough.

There are still 7 million people who remain jobless as compared to the pre-pandemic days. It has also been stated that about a quarter of the total population of the country went through immense hardships in order to pay their domestic expenses. These are the reasons why there is a need for recurring stimulus checks.

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