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Stimulus Check Update: Possibility Of A Fourth Check

While three different stimulus check packages have already hit the bank accounts, citizens are looking out for more. But, it hasn’t been ascertained yet if they would be receiving another stimulus package. The economy is in much better shape than it was previously- even though it hasn’t fully recovered from the pandemic. Also, with the emergence of the new variant, there are setbacks that will come up. Nevertheless, we probably wouldn’t be seeing such a high rate of unemployment that was prevalent at the start of the pandemic.

As has been reported, it would go amiss to confidently state that a fourth stimulus check is certainly off the table. In fact, one could definitely see another check going out to the public. While the timing might not be ascertained yet- it could be this year or the next- but it could certainly be a feature for the next bill. Also, there is a reason for it being delayed. 

The One Thing Lawmakers Seem To Agree Upon Regarding The Stimulus Check

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Currently, there is enough information regarding the first three stimulus check payments which would determine how impactful said payments were. According to a report from the Tax Foundation, the first stimulus payment was the most effective as it brought about massive economic activity. The second and third stimulus payments did not help the economy as much- precisely because the economy was in a much better condition then. Quite a lot of citizens have already recovered from the worst of the pandemic due to the stimulus packages. 

One could assume that due to the last two stimulus check payments not being as effective, the government would stall on a fourth stimulus payment. But there is a possibility that it might be a reality- because this seems to be the only relief measure that legislators from both sides have readily agreed upon.

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