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Stimulus Check Update: Possibility Of A Fourth

If you are a resident of California, you should be keeping your eye out for some more stimulus check money under the GSS for $600. This extra sum of money, which you could either receive from the IRS in the form of Child tax credit payment or through your state will definitely be of much help to you in these tumultuous times when US households need some cash to survive through the ongoing pandemic.

But unfortunately, there could be some families that would be owing to the agency for past stimulus payments due to a mathematical error.

Fourth Stimulus Check: A Possibility?

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While another economic impact payment doesn’t really seem that out of place, there are a few households that could definitely qualify for yet another stimulus check up to $1,400. This could be feasible if the families have had a baby recently, or they adopted a baby in 2021, but remember that the money wouldn’t be here until 2022. Other aid from the IRS would also include supplemental payments for multiple owed stimulus amounts as well as 2020 tax refunds on unemployment compensation. 

Since the country is going through some massive financial insecurity coupled with the surge in delta variant cases, several petitions clamoring for a stimulus check worth $2,000 have been receiving major acceptance. Yet, the powers that be in Washington haven’t yet authorized another stimulus payment for this year, and aren’t really planning on doing so. Most legislators have kept their focus on the infrastructure bill worth $1 trillion, along with the federal budget package of $3.5 trillion. 

Several studies have discovered that the first three stimulus check payments have definitely helped release financial instability and food insufficiency. So far, most eligible adults have been receiving a max sum of $3,200 while children have been receiving around $2,500. 

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