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Stimulus Check Possible Timeline And What Else Is Coming!

There is still doubt regarding the timeline of the new stimulus check. What do the experts think about this? Following recent speculation and analysis of the stimulus checks and their effects in the midst of this pandemic, the proposal for another round of stimulus checks got strengthened. Now the 4th stimulus check along with the automatic stimulus payments was revived again.

During this last year, the stimulus checks provided in three rounds provided substantial mental and financial relief to all the Americans suffering due to this pandemic. According to this recent analysis, many Americans have struggled to make ends meet because of the severe economic crisis that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought in America. Patrick Cooney and Luke Shaefer performed research for the department of Poverty Solutions, situated inside the Michigan University. 

Study Published By Michigan University On Stimulus Checks!

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The Census Bureau of the US recently did its Survey for Household Plus. The data gathered by the Bureau in its survey was used by Patrick Cooney and Luke Shaefer. The findings also hinted at reviving the 4th stimulus check for making it easy for the struggling Americans. They have urged the Federal Government to put some amount of money in the hands of Americans directly. But a stronger fact remains on the ground.

stimulus check
stimulus check

The economy seems to be recovering and reopening at a much faster pace than what was expected. So this ground reality is mitigating these calls for the 4th stimulus check. Also, the price tag put on the 4th stimulus check along with the ambitious investment proposals amounting to Four trillion by the House is mitigating these calls. Over eighty lawmakers of the Congress are in favor of the Recovery plan proposed by President Joe Biden. The support for the 4th stimulus check is appearing to be waning among the remaining Democratic caucus. 

Lawmakers Pushing Progressively For The 4th Stimulus Check!

The voices in support of another round of stimulus checks currently range from members of Congress to economists, along with the general public. A petition calling on President Biden and Congress to provide around $2000/month to struggling people of America has now managed to gain more than 2.3M signatures. The petition is on the website of Change.org. The House has received 3 letters from lawmakers in Congress urging to include a 4th stimulus check till this pandemic ends.

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The proposals regarding legislation for payments and automatic stabilizers are now getting reintroduced on the floor of the House. The results published by the Michigan University were first reported by N.Y. Times. This prompted the members of Congress to introduce this report on the floor of the House and urge the House to legislate UBI and recurring payments. 

Pramila Jayapal, Representative and Chair, Progressive Congressional Caucus tweeted that putting some amount of money in the pockets of struggling Americans always works all the time. Pramila also added that enacting policies that put the needs of the people first improves lives across the country. Rashida Tlaib, Representative and Vice-Chair, Progressive Congressional Caucus, reintroduced on the floor of the Congress the ABC Act along with Jayapal, Representative.

The ABC Act sends all the struggling Americans recurring stimulus payments. Rashida also tweeted that the survival checks managed to prove the things demanded and said by the advocates. Ilhan Omar, Representative, Progressive Congressional Caucus, joined these voices. Bernie Sanders, the Senator, also tweeted in favor of the 4th stimulus check. According to him, the federal government should resume addressing each and every need of the working American people and not only the one percent of Americans. 

When Can Your Stimulus Check Be Approved?

US President Joe Biden also presented two more phases of the American Recovery Plan. This plan requires additional spending of four trillion dollars on American families and infrastructure. Both these pieces of law are expected to receive a lot of headwinds from lawmakers of the Republican Party due to the huge amount that is required to be incurred for executing these plans.

After the negotiators for the Republican Party proposed invalid and insufficient counter-offers regarding the Plan for the American Jobs, The House decided to call off negotiations and talks with the senators of the GOP. 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A group of twenty senators, bipartisan in nature, has managed to reach a crucial and initial agreement over the framework regarding the infrastructure investment plan of one trillion dollars. However, the Congressional progressive members have managed to slam it, giving the reason as the failure of tackling the crucial challenges presented by climate change.

The lawmakers of the Republican party are looking for legislation that will focus primarily on the infrastructure of traditional nature. They have already negated that any form of stimulus patent, be it a direct payment or a stimulus check will not get included inside the bill. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, Senator stated that ports, bridges, and roads are the potatoes and meat of infrastructure and they want the spending to focus on these things. 

Your Stimulus Check Might Get Included Inside The Plan For American Families!

The Plan for American Families will focus more on social spending. The proposal given by the House is to invest directly into the common American family. In April, President Biden talked about his investment plan of 1.8 trillion dollars in family leave, child care, and education. It still remains unclear as to when the members of Congress will be taking up this proposal.

The lawmakers still appear to be working out all the details of this infrastructure bill. This proposal is expected to encounter a much stronger opposition coming from the lawmakers of the GOP. They would object primarily because of the increase in taxes on the rich and wealthy Americans along with the larger role provided to the State by this bill. 

The Democrats are looking to pass this bill before this year ends. They are looking to include the provisions regarding expanded tax provided inside the Rescue Plan of Americans. The provisions apply only to the fiscal year of 2021. To get this bill passed through the Senate which currently remains evenly split, at least ten Republicans have to vote in favor of this bill. If not, the Democrats would have no choice but to use the clause of budget reconciliation.

They used that with the Rescue Plan For Americans. The process of the parliament allowed the Democrats to pass this bill without the filibuster threat by the use of the crucial vote of a simple majority.  However many Centrist Democrats including Joe Manchin, Senator, West Virginia appeared reluctant to utilize their process of budget reconciliation. They appear to be in favor of passing this legislation in a bipartisan manner. Using budget reconciliation also has a lot of cons. The bill can lose out on important provisions designed to meet the needs of struggling Americans. 

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