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Friday, December 9, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Pressure Group Urging $1,400

Around 75,000 people have already signed a petition which has called for a stimulus check worth $1,400 for recipients of Social Security. The group has also brought in plans to pressure Congress to bring on additional payments by the end of 2021. The group- also referred to as the Senior Citizens League, has turned out to be one of the largest nonpartisan seniors groups- which has been asking Congress to issue a sum of $1,400 to every single individual who would be receiving the benefits of Social Security.

As of now, inflation has also been adding quite a miserable strain on households with a fixed income, and the League has maintained that the increase in the benefit of this year hasn’t been in sync with the higher cost of living. 

Senior Citizens League Calling For Stimulus Check Payments

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The benefits of Social Security have increased by 1.3%- which would see an increase of $20. This has really dealt with the purchasing power of people from what it was a year ago. This was reported by Mary Johnson, the Medicare policy and Social Security analyst of the group- who also spoke about how they believed a one-time stimulus check payment would be helping heat homes at this point. 

The group had started their operations at the beginning of October, and by now have already secured close to 75,000 signatures. According to Johnson, the organization will also partake in a huge mailing campaign to its supporters whilst collecting physical signatures at the same time- all to provide stimulus check benefits to the one hit the hardest.

Although the group has been trying to get their voice heard over the stimulus check payments worth $1,400, as they believe it would provide a small measure of comfort to the recipients of Social Security, Johnson has also acknowledged that there is a pretty dubious chance of another stimulus payment getting passed in Congress. 

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