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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A New Stimulus Check Program Offers Payments Upto $30,000

Americans are close to the last wave of the CTC Stimulus checks, but there are other ways that they can get paid too.

The people had received new stimulus checks this year, which came from the federal government or the individual states.

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But there are plenty of other stimulus-related benefits, too, outside of all those checks. Including some that ordinary Americans might not even know about.

Some Of The Stimulus Checks Offered That You Do Not Know

First, there is the homeowner assistance fund. It assists homeowners struggling with things like mortgage payments as well as taxes, association dues, and other payments associated with homeownership. 

The American Rescue Plan has provided approximately $10B for the states and Tribes, in order to provide relief to their homeowners.

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Individual states are submitting plans for how they want to parcel out funds for the program. Something that New York State became the first to get final approval for this month. In a statement, Governor Kathy Hochul said her state is distributing almost $539M to homeowners at the greatest risk of foreclosure or displacement.

New York will reportedly offer as much as $50,000 that would go toward anything from homeowners’ mortgage payments to utilities, delinquent property taxes, and more. Homeowners in Connecticut, meanwhile, could get up to $20,000, and in Illinois up to $30,000 worth in stimulus checks.

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