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Stimulus Check Update- Stimulus Proposal Of Gov. Ron DeSantis Not Received Well

The Stimulus check payment of $450 which was proposed by Gov. Ron DeSantis has not been received well by several seniors and couples without children.

As it stands, the Governor of Florida has rewarded the citizens of the state with a stimulus payment of $450 for every child. The proposal was made with the same money that he stated was generating record-high inflation.

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Ever since then, most citizens have clamored for financial aid in their efforts to pay for their expenses. Interestingly, seniors who would be receiving SSI, as well as disabled citizens, have been excluded from receiving the stimulus funds. People without children also feel that the Governor has been discriminating against them. They are of the opinion that everyone deserves a stimulus package in these troubling times. 

Stimulus Check Payment In Florida

There were several registered voters who commented on the Facebook post that the Florida state government had uploaded, complaining about their lack of a stimulus check payment. While the governor has already unveiled a new proposal that would be able to counter the rising expenses of inflation, especially with the start of a new school year, things will still be the same for those couples with no children.

As it stands, the Governor had mentioned in an accompanying letter where he mentioned that the state of Florida was issuing a sum of $450 for each child that was in the care of their parents. While it is clear that families with kids would find it easy, things still look bleak for those who don’t have kids. 

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The First Lady, Casey DeSantis, made the announcement for a new stimulus check payment just a few days back. But the seniors won’t be having a piece of the pie, which has led to the Pathway to Prosperity Initiative needing financial help from the community.

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