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Stimulus Check Provision For Rent Defaulters

Stimulus Check has had a great impact on people’s lives. They have catered to the needs of the common people to a great extent. However, few issues should be looked upon. Most of the stimulus checks have been predominantly used for the payment of debts. But the issue of rent has posed a serious threat to some people. Discussed below is all the information you need to know about the Rental Assistance. 

Stimulus Check: Feud Over CDC’s Decision

A recent decision taken by the government resulted in huge controversy. The CDC has passed a judgment prohibiting the eviction of the renters. The judgment stated that no renter can be evicted for 2months. Though this decision has created a rage among the landlords. The CDC stated the decision was taken keeping in mind the welfare of the people. 

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According to CDC, the verdict was passed to prevent the evicted renders from crowding the street. This could be a major issue in the time of the pandemic. However, this clarification did not satisfy the landlords. They argued and accused the CDC to control the rights of the landlords. 

A very lesser-known Stimulus Program was the Rental Assistance Program. This program allows renters to receive funds to meet their needs. However, the execution of rolling these payments had been poorly done. The fund has a total budget of $46.6 billion. Out of which, only $1.5b has reached people. 

Emphasis should be given to the rental assistance. These Stimulus Checks will help the renters live a little more freely. A person who is having extreme difficulty paying the rent can apply for the same. These programs differ from place to place. Illinois allows a provision of $25000 for both the landlords and the renters. 

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