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Friday, December 9, 2022

Stimulus Check Reaches California Today

Stimulus Check demands have been going around for a while now. The citizens of America are very much concerned about their future. The federal government has stated that the economy is recovering. They also said that the rate of unemployment is expected to go down. 

However, the actual scenario is much worse. Many households are struggling to earn themselves a decent living. The pandemic situation is not over just yet. The country has seen a spike in the active covid cases. This has instilled a fear in the mind of most citizens. They are eager for more assistance from the government. 

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A couple of petitions have gained great momentum. Both of them have requested the government for monthly payments. Despite the claims, the federal government seems to be unmoved by the events. However, states such as California have sent stimulus check money to their residents. Let us take a detailed look at the payout structure of these checks. 

Stimulus Check: Upto $1100 Rolled Out For Californians

The administration of California is headed by Governor Gavin Newsom. He programmed the Golden State Stimulus II. This program aims to support households plagued by the pandemic. The bill guarantees stimulus checks to almost everybody. Any individual earning between $30000 and $75000 per year is entitled to the benefits. 

The bill will provide $600 to every individual and $500 for each dependent child. The money has been granted from the huge $100b “California Comeback Plan”. The stimulus money is expected to reach eligible citizens today. This is the second round of the Golden State payments. The first round recorded 600,000 citizens benefiting from the money. 

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A Stimulus Check issued by the state of California has been hyped by the governor. He stated that these payments were the largest rebate on tax in the history of the US. 

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