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Stimulus Check Update: Receiving the Missing Amount

The IRS has already sent out around 169 million Americans the third stimulus check payment after Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan. This direct payment made to the taxpayers had a sum of $1,400 for every eligible man, woman, and child, which could be used to boost household finances at a time when people were struggling to make ends meet. But surprisingly, a large swathe of the population hasn’t received the amount yet- despite it being close to a year of its delivery. 

Some Americans Haven’t Yet Received Their Stimulus Check Payments

According to major reports, the IRS automatically pushed out the payments based on the information that they had received from the taxpayers themselves, either through an online portal for Non-Fliers or from the tax returns of 2019 or 2020. Anyone who the tax agency could not identify, or was unaware of, would not have received the payment, but when the tax season for the next year comes up, this oversight can be easily fixed. 

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The American Rescue Plan had brought forth a major hub of tax provisions that would help most of the struggling American households throughout the country. Most prominently was the third stimulus check payment- which came at a sum of $1,400.

But there were also other measures that specifically targeted those households that had children and dependents, including the Child and Dependent Care Credit, the 2021 Child Tax Credit, and the Earned Income Tax credit. The final was also available for workers who had neither children nor dependents. 

It has come to light that taxpayers who haven’t filed a single tax return in the last three years or have failed to provide their information through the online portal were left out of all the stimulus check payments.

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