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Stimulus Check Relief Yet To Be Received, Keeps Millions In America On Hold

Stimulus Check announcements were made some while ago now to provide much-needed financial backup to the citizens of America. However, reports suggest that despite prior announcements, more than eight million citizens are yet to receive their stipulated money. 

Stimulus Check Gets Delayed, IRS Lagging Seems To Slow Down The Process

Citizens of America are high on hopes that the authority will provide additional financial benefits for the fourth time. However, it has been reported that the previous checks announced already have still not reached millions.

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As many as eight million citizens are yet to receive the stipulated Stimulus Checks. The slow processing of the returned taxes of 2020 by the IRS seems to be the culprit. According to a report from the Services of Taxpayer Advocates, the IRS has a huge backlog.

They are yet to process almost thirty-five million returns filed by the Americans. It includes over 16 million tax files waiting to be reviewed. The number of files that need to be supervised further is over 15 million. Apart from these, over 2.5 million reports have not yet been touched. IRS defended its sluggish work process by pointing towards the pandemic. A large number of officers could not work due to an order passed during the Covid scenario.

This has been an unfortunate turn of events. The IRS stated that all those citizens who did not receive their Stimulus Check shall claim the amount while filing their tax for 2020. The number of people that are kept waiting for the backup is estimated to be well over 7.5 million. According to sources, people who wish to track their tax status can do so by logging in to the website of IRS. However, there is nothing much that can be done but wait. 

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Reports suggested citizens will have to wait until the IRS clears all its backlog to receive the Stimulus Check.

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