Stimulus Check For Rent Assistance Left Unclaimed

Tax Season Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check provided a huge relief to all Americans. The initiative was taken by Joe Biden. The announcement in March brought smiles to the people of America. The pandemic wrecked people and saw the checks as a method to survive.

But the checks seem to have had their time. After the third check, there is no news of any further payments being sanctioned. This has left a large chunk of the citizens concerned. Households are still coping up with the aftermath of the deadly pandemic. Necessities are becoming hard to afford for some.

Debts and rents are also increasingly adding up to the pressure. A recent study has shown that a large number of people could not clear their debts. The number of rent defaulters has also increased.

Surprisingly enough, the government has a chunk of the rent assistance money unclaimed. Let us learn more about the unpopular Stimulus Check below. 

Stimulus Check Ignorance About Rent Assistance

The pandemic has left the global economy in tatters. America has been no exception. Underpayment, loss of jobs were some common problems that plagued the residents. The joblessness has resulted in a spike in the number of rent defaults.

Unfortunately, most of the defaulters are at risk of being homeless. They have been handed an eviction letter. The landlords have clarified that the defaulters need to clear their rent soon. Failing to clear the money will result in legal indulgences. This has become a huge headache for the residents. 

However, the government has the provision that might cheer up the mood. The Rental Assistance has been left untouched. There is a huge lack of knowledge of the people about the said Stimulus Check.

This means that almost none of the money has been used. The government has recorded an unclaimed reserve of $41.5 billion. As per reports, these checks are still available for the needy. 

Illinois has granted a $25000 relief for the rent payers. This sum is expected to clear the rent for fifteen months approximately. Texas has announced $4600 per month as rent assistance.