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Stimulus Check Respite For Drivers

Stimulus Check has been the talking point of Americans for the last two years. The money received from the government has benefited the people largely. However, citizens have stated that the money offered was not enough. The federal government designed the plan in the month of March. They have sent out three rounds of stimulus checks so far. The third round of payments was sent out by the IRS recently. US President Joe Biden raised a 28% rate for the corporates. This rate was more than the existing rate of 21%. This has created a difference in opinion among the party. Democrats like Joe Manchin have counter-proposed a 25% rate.

This was directed to rolling out of tax law of 2017, which was designed by Donald Trump. Petitions and letters have been produced to the government. However, the federal government did not seem interested. The administration stated that the economy has started to bounce back. The rate of unemployment has also gone down significantly. The government is encouraging the reopening of local businesses. This would mean more job opportunities for the people. Amidst the crisis, a number of states have announced stimulus checks for drivers. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

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Stimulus Check Money For Drivers 

America has witnessed a surge in covid cases in the recent past. The number of people getting infected has spiked up at an alarming rate. The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been deemed as the culprit. Wearing masks has once again been made compulsory. Such circumstances have instilled the fear of another shutdown in the country. The local people want their government to look after them.

Some states in America have announced stimulus checks for their drivers. As the prices of oil and gas are on the rise, the drivers are finding it difficult to manage their finances.  Michigan, California, Florida, New York, Colorado, New Mexico, Maryland, Texas, etc have offered new assistance. 

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