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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

3rd Stimulus Check Continue To Be Sent, But Scammers Are On The Prowl

Scammers continue to strike, and the Internal Revenue Service has cautioned that these offenders are sending out fake emails to recipients of stimulus checks without realizing it, people are giving out their personal and financial information. Compromising such information could pose grave issues much later.

Millions of citizens have already received their 3rd stimulus check of $1,400 max. The amount was paid under the American Rescue Plan that was signed by President Biden. The IRS began payments in the second week of March and continues to send out payments.

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But several people have complained that they did not receive their 3rd stimulus check even though they have qualified for it. Scammers are trying to benefit from this background of uncertainty.

The scammers send emails to such unsuspecting people, instructing them to click on a link and claim their stimulus check. The link leads people into a trap, according to Christina Miranda, an official of IRS’ Consumer and Business Education.

Clicking On Any Link That Claims To Have Links To Stimulus Check Could Compromise Your Security

Click on the link, and you could be immediately scammed. You could either end up losing money from your bank immediately or lose vital personal information.

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Such emails are regarded as impersonator scams as scammers deceptively claim that they are from the Internal Revenue Service, the Medicare services, or the Social Security Administration.

Over 12,500 individuals have filed complaints and fraud reports over the period of the pandemic alleging such cons.

The IRS has categorically stated that they do not initiate any contact with taxpayers through text messages, mail, or various social media platforms for financial or personal information, or details that are linked to the Economic Impact Payment.

The IRS has also warned people to be on the lookout for emails that have links or attachments claiming that they contain vital information about stimulus checks or refunds.

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