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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: Several States Have Been Issuing Their Own Payment

While it seems quite transparent that Congress wouldn’t provide a fourth stimulus check to citizens, several states have taken the initiative. Yet, Ohio is not one of those states- regardless, there are other states where first responders, teachers, and families have been provided with some additional checks or bonuses, which will usually be a part of the state budget as well as the funds allocated to the state by the federal government. 

The List of States Providing Another Stimulus Check Include:

In the state of California, Governor Gavin Newsom approved a state budget in July that did include the California Comeback Plan of $100 billion. The budget plan will also include a sum of $12 billion in stimulus check payments that would be sent to middle-class families. Around 70% of the citizens of California will be qualifying for a $600 payment scheme while qualifying families with kids will be receiving an additional check of $500. Interestingly, these stimulus payments for the Golden State will start in September. 

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In Florida, first responders- ones that include paramedics, EMTs, officers, and firefighters will be receiving a one-time stimulus check payment of around $1,000 through the initiative which has been referred to as the Florida Heroes. According to Governor Ron DeSantis, the payments will be utilized as an appreciation of the many sacrifices that have been made throughout the pandemic. School staff, including principals and teachers, will be receiving a disaster relief payment of $1,000. 

As it stands, Congress leaders and the Oval office have not really provided any indication that a fourth stimulus check will be approved for the citizens of the country. Currently, there have been few other movements from the side of the federal reserve with petitions and letters to President Joe Biden. 

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