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Stimulus Check Update: Signatures Required By The Petition

A petition that was brought forth by a restaurant owner in Colorado, which called for another stimulus check, has reached nearly 3 million signatures. This petition has asked Congress to bring out a payment of $2,000 for adults, along with a payment of $1,000 to kids immediately, after which it could go ahead with its regular checks for the rest of the crisis.

Just this summer, the petition went on to receive massive media coverage when the signatures tipped over 2 million, but with a major cut in federal stimulus aid, it is picking up momentum yet again. 

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After the federal unemployment benefit programs, designed to support and help those workers who have been rendered unemployed during the pandemic, got over, almost eight million people witnessed their income plummeting beyond control.

The petition has stated that a continuous stimulus check payment would definitely help those workers who have either been laid-off or furloughed, along with workers that have been dealing with massively reduced hours which have put a major chink in their ability to put food before their family and even pay their rent. 

Support for the stimulus check petition reaches new heights

As of the 25th of September, the stimulus check petition has reached almost 2,896,476 signatures, which is definitely an increase of around 600,000 from the number back in June. Yet, irrespective of the common support dedicated for the measure, the petition has been largely ignored by most legislators in Congress.

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Although in the month of Spring, several lawmakers from the Democratic party had been advocating for more stimulus payments, the support for that has gone down too. As of late September, the Democrats don’t really have a plan in place to bring about another payment in the reconciliation bill worth $3.5 trillion.  

Along with the petition asking for stimulus check payments, another petition has been filed for those who are Social Security beneficiaries.

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