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Stimulus Check Update: Social Security Recipients Receiving Payments?

A stimulus check payment seems to be pivotal for recipients of Social Security as most of the adults have been suffering from rising inflation. The little rise in the cost-of-living in their income from Social Security for this year has been utterly insufficient to match with the rising expenses of everything in the latter half of the year from gasoline to hamburgers.

Some of the seniors have also been pressing for more assistance from the federal government. This begets the question- is the fourth payment even in the works for recipients of social security- despite the rising need for it?

Stimulus Check For Social Security Recipients?

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It has been reported that the nonpartisan Senior Citizens League has called for Congress to push out a fourth stimulus check payment of $1,400 to the recipients of Social Security by the end of 2021. Around 75,000 people have already signed in for the petition in support of the additional relief payment. As reported by Mary Johnson, the league’s analyst for Medicare policy and Social Security, the added funds are needed to compensate for a far meager cost-of-living adjustment to the benefits of Social Security for 2021.

The main factors that have been influencing the adjustments for cost-of-living are growing expenses, and inflation- precisely why a new stimulus check payment is extremely needed. Every October, the Social Security Administration updates the annual payment based on the events that take place with the CPI-W in July, August, and September. 

The fourth stimulus check payment of $600 is being currently delivered only to farmworkers, meatpacking workers, and store employees- who were hit the hardest through the COVID-19 outbreak. The American Rescue Plan put out $700 million to assist several workers in a multitude of businesses. 

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