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Stimulus Check Update- Social Security Recipients

Although the rate of inflation has increased, the current unemployment rate still lingers at 3.6%- making it difficult for the federal government to issue another stimulus check payment. Still, this reality has not really slowed down the rumors of another stimulus payment that would be coming from the federal government. Especially, people have been clamoring for stimulus pay to be issued to recipients of Social Security. Social Security, for the uninformed, is paid to retirees as well as those who cannot work due to a disability.

Recipients Of Social Security Might Not Be Getting A Stimulus Check Payment 

This is the reason why Rick Delaney, the Chairman of the Senior Citizens League went on to issue a letter to Congress where he asked for a one-time stimulus check payment of $1,400. In order to see it from a different viewpoint, one needs to understand that Delaney sent this letter out in October 2021. In the seven months since that, the coverage of the letter did make the rounds of newspapers, talk radio, and online publications. The possibility of a fourth payment has already been covered so often that people could get confused. 

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As of now, Congress hasn’t readily addressed the issue of another stimulus check payment that could be issued to recipients of Social Security. Regardless of the rumors to the contrary, the IRS has not yet been ordered to bring out the fourth payment to the citizens of the country. Also, it could be a small consolation that Congress hasn’t yet outrightly rejected this proposal- which makes the issue not quite dead or buried. 

If you are a recipient of Social security and are still waiting for a different stimulus check payment to come into play, you might have to wait for quite some time. In the meantime, there are a few organizations that have been designed to help one with the exact issues. 

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