Stimulus Check: Social Security Recipients Calls For Urgent Assistance

stimulus check
stimulus check

Stimulus Check war seems to get intense with every passing day. The government has provided a total of three sets of Stimulus Check to the people. However, those checks have been used up by most of the citizens. A survey stated that the money was predominantly used to pay off essential expenditures. 

People used the money to pay their rental bills and debts. The covid scenario in the US does not seem too bright. America has witnessed an alarming spike in the covid cases in recent weeks. This has made the people demand the money even more. The sad news is that the federal government is not at all keen on this matter. 

A petition has been launched and it has gained great exposure. Another bill proposes a $2000 monthly payment plan. It aims to provide the financial stability that Americans are craving. The elderly section of society has been vehemently asking for assistance. The demand for a further stimulus check is on the rise. Let us explore the possible causes for the claims below. 

Stimulus Check Possibilities For Social Beneficiaries 

A group of advocates has asked the government to provide a $1400 stimulus to the elders. They are in charge of the welfare of the senior citizens. They stated that the money is urgently required. Social Security recipients are pushing hard for another round of stimulus checks.

The group has asked the federal government to provide a sum of $1400. This amount is expected to meet the needs of the elderly in dire times. The shutdown impacted the seniors significantly. Most of them exhausted their savings. 

The ongoing pandemic has left most of the households in tatters. Most of the citizens have lost their jobs and many others are struggling to make their living. Such circumstances have become exceedingly problematic for the elder generations. It remains to be seen whether the government sanctions the money or not.