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Stimulus Check Update: These States Are Still Issuing Payments

Most of the low and medium-income households throughout the country have been on the receiving end of stimulus check payments from their states. This has been the case for the federal government hasn’t yet launched another stimulus payment to supplement the payments already made- which could help those who have been struggling as a result of the turmoil which has been brought by the COVID-19.

While the federal payments have come to an end, a lot of states across the country have been pushing in their own stimulus payments which have helped their residents. 

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Incidentally, the states haven’t just issued stimulus check payments, but rather a wider scheme of financial projects of which stimulus payments are a part. Some of the states have also introduced child tax credit support, extended benefits programs, and quite a few tax breaks which have been designed to alleviate the suffering of their residents. 

Stimulus Check Updates – Latest Stimulus news

Quite a few states have already issued their fourth stimulus check payments, while others have been looking towards introducing new legislation which would be helping American residents this November. With the year coming to an end, every single state has already initiated its planning to encompass future financial aid plans. 

In the state of Alaska, the Governor has plans of transferring the additional revenues of the state which have been earned through an increase in oil production- which would then be sent as pocket revenues. Mike Dunleavy, the Governor, has also stated that it is within their capabilities to help all of their residents manage their bills with a supplemental PFD of around $1,236. 

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Currently, California has remained the only state which has issued two stimulus check payments from its own taxation system- called the Golden State Stimulus I, and the Golden State Stimulus II.

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