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Stimulus Check Update: States That Have Confirmed New Checks

While Congress hasn’t shown any interest in another stimulus check, citizens would be receiving payments from their state governments. There have been several states in the country that have decided to take things into their own hands- introducing new stimulus payments- which would help people recover from the suffering that they have gone through in the coronavirus pandemic.

Many states in the country have run through their plans of introducing another stimulus payment, while several others have already started issuing their payment. 

Stimulus Check Payments status – Stimulus Updated List

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As the 31st of December has been set as the deadline for the distribution of the stimulus check money, several states have already set up protocols that will allow them to push out the money where it is needed the most.

The residents in the state of Alaska will be qualifying for some additional money under the Federal-State Extended Benefits Program, which would technically see-through around 13 to 20 weeks’ worth of payments. Nevertheless, it will be applicable only to a few residents, whilst simultaneously depending on how much money has already been claimed. 

Currently, California has been the only state which has issued its own stimulus check with the budget money in the form of GSS. According to the stipulations, any resident earning between $30,000- $75,000 per year will be entitled to a sum of $500 or $600, along with an extra $500 for those households that have dependent children. On the other hand, residents of Colorado will be receiving $375- which will be delivered to those who have already received one unemployment payment the previous year.

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In Florida, several administrators and teachers have been allocated a stimulus check sum of $1,000, but the things are still under development.  In the state of Georgia, the plan has been pretty simple- administrators and full-time teachers would be receiving a sum of $1,000. 

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