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Monday, December 6, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: States That Would Be Receiving Payments

While it seems unlikely that the government would be putting out a stimulus check for the population, most states have been coming up with their own payment. This would resemble a form of economic assistance to the American population which would help soften the economic blow caused by the pandemic.

There have been various forms of incentives and stimulus payments that would look to support the middle and lower-income families- put forward by the states. All the 50 states have brought some form of economic assistance to direct their population. 

Stimulus Check Status

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Most of the states are well in their process of pushing out stimulus check payments that would help alleviate the financial suffering that the individuals have had to go through amidst the pandemic. Also, every single month has brought forth newer and fresher updates, so most of the states actually have the funds and the means necessary through which they can supply their population with an income that could potentially help them tide over. 

In the state of Alaska, residents may qualify for some extra money under the Federal-State Extended Benefit Program- which would see around 13 to 20 weeks worth of stimulus check payments. Yet, this will only be possible for a limited number of individuals, and it would also depend on the amount of money that has been claimed already. Also, the citizens have been waiting for updates regarding the annual oil wealth checks. 

Currently, California remains the only state that has put forward a stimulus check payment from their own money- in the form of the Golden State Stimulus. Most of the residents, who have an annual earning between $30,000 to $75,000 would be allowed payment of $500 or $600, along with $500, which would be sent to households that have dependent children. 

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