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Stimulus Check Update: Several States Sending Their Money

It is common knowledge that throughout the pandemic, the federal stimulus check payments delivered by the government did help. But, with the increase in the number of delta variant cases along with the end of the unemployment benefits, several families have been going through some intense hardships. One change.org petition has already been calling for around $2,000 recurring checks which should be sent to every American- the petition has itself accrued around 2.9 million signatures.

Stimulus Check Money Coming To Various Families 

Amidst such a dilemma, quite a few state governments have already brought their own programs out to provide residents some additional financial relief. Millions of citizens in the state of California have already received their second Golden State Stimulus check payments for a sum of $600.

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Marylanders whose annual income lies in the low-income range have also been deemed eligible for some direct payment which would have a payment range of $300 or $500. In the states of Michigan, Florida, and Tennessee, teachers and frontline workers have been the ones receiving the stimulus payments. 

The citizens have also been receiving their CTC Stimulus check payments which are being sent to millions of families. The next payment will be made on the 15th of October, and legislators have been trying to bring out a federal budget package worth $3.5 trillion that would provide financial aid in multiple ways. There are also some people who would definitely qualify for the payment of up to $1,400 in additional stimulus payment if they went on to have a baby for this year. 

Remember, you should also file your tax returns for the previous year, and if you haven’t, you shouldn’t be missing out on the deadline for the 15th of October- for it would definitely make you eligible for some more stimulus check money.

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