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Stimulus Check Update: States Which Are Sending More Money In 2022

Getting a stimulus check payment currently is a matter of luck, as no one knows which state will have the extra funding to make the payment. Also, one has to factor in the geography of the person living in those states. In some states, the citizens living would be receiving an extra payment. In other states, individuals would have to wait and see if they get the prerequisite stimulus payments. Now, while the federal stimulus payments, which include the CTC payments, were sent throughout the country, these have been made a thing of the past. Currently, all the individual state governments have been launching their own stimulus payments or related benefits for taxpayers. 

Stimulus Check Payments In The Works For Different States

Several states have already brought out their charts for the next stimulus check payments that they would be sending out. In the state of California, a gas tax rebate of around $400 per car for up to two vehicles. 

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In the state of Georgia, a tax rebate would be up in arms- with single filers receiving $250, heads of household receiving $375, and $500 coming for married couples filing jointly. In Hawaii, a tax rebate is under consideration for every Hawaii taxpayer. The stimulus check amount would be $300 if one made less than $100,000, and $100 if one made over $100,000.

In the state of Idaho, a tax rebate would come up through a direct deposit or paper stimulus check. It has been ascertained that the greater of $75 or 12% of 2020 Idaho state taxes would be sent out to the citizens. In Indiana, the tax refund would be $125 for a single time. For Kansas, the process is still up for debate which would be directed towards getting rid of the state grocery tax all at once. 

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