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Stimulus Check Status Amid The Delta Variant 

With the rise in the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States of America, there might be a possibility for the federal government to provide stimulus check financial aid payments to all the eligible citizens of the country. The money will be provided in order to provide support to those people who were economically hit by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Stimulus Check- Possibilities

However, irrespective of everything, there is still very little chance for the government provided the stimulus check financial aid payments to the people. The daily average of hospitalization that is taking place in the country owing to the Delta variant infection is 100,000. This information was recorded just this week. The availability for the fourth round of the stimulus check is extremely low in the country. The main reason for this is the improving economy. 

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The administration of Joe Biden, the Democratic President of the country has not approved any such legislation that talks about providing money to the people. Also, most of the members of the US Congress are busy focusing on other crucial subjects with the improving economy over federal aid payments. Another round of the stimulus check payment was what the citizens of the country desperately wanted.

There were even a few rumors that were started on the subject. Until now, the federal government of the country has provided a total of three batches of stimulus checks to the people. The first batch was generated in the month of March followed by a second one that came in the month of December. Following that, the third round was generated in March in the year 2021 where a total of 1400 USD was provided to all of the eligible citizens of the country.

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