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Stimulus Check Update: Who Can Avail The Payment In December?

With the new variant coming in strong, quite a few states have taken it upon themselves to put up a stimulus check relief to those who have suffered. This new deal comes after the federal government had already issued three stimulus payments since the pandemic began. Different states have their own separate eligibility requirements as well as the amounts that they have planned in sending to their residents.

As of now, Arizona has been paying its citizens that have chosen to get back to work. If one were to return full time, they would be eligible for a sum of $2,000. If they returned part time, the sum allotted would be $1,000.

December Stimulus Check Payments

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 California is currently preparing to end the disbursement of their Golden State Stimulus check this month. In order to be considered eligible, one has to be a resident for the state of California, and they need to have their taxes filed by the 15th of October. They must also make between $30,000 and $75,0000. 

Stimulus check payments in the state of Connecticut began on the 30th of May, 2021, and they will be ending on the 31st of December. Anyone returning could be held eligible for the payment of $1,000 which would depend on when they went ahead and filed for unemployment and how long they were bringing it in for. The states of Georgia and Florida have planned to provide their principals and teachers that work during the pandemic a bonus of $1,000.  

Close to half a million citizens in Idaho would be held eligible for a single tax refund which has a net worth of $248. On the other hand, the residents of Maryland, who recently filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit on their taxes, were held eligible for stimulus payments worth $300- $500. 

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