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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Thousands Would Receive $500

Close to $40 billion worth of stimulus check relief has been set aside for students and institutions under the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. This also forms a major part of Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Most colleges have been pushing out stimulus payments to their students which would help them cover the expenses.

The University of George Washington received close to $9.1 million during the first round of the stimulus payments the previous year, and close to $14 million the second and third time around. Students who have been enrolled in that university on or after the 13th of March, 2020, have been considered eligible for that payment. 

Students Will Receive The Stimulus Check Payments

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Most of the officials in the University have claimed that close to 10,000 applicants have received aid from the government. One of them, a freshman Lexi Plaisted, was quite surprised when she received a stimulus check payment of $800. She stated that she honestly didn’t think that she would be receiving anything as there were other people who were affected much worse than she had been- but she thought that she might have had a chance, so she went with that. 

At the same time, Kyle Andersen, another junior from the same college- who is currently studying political science, stated that he had received a stimulus payment of $2,500 in HEERF funding the previous month. He currently works two jobs to pay his tuition fees, and the stimulus payment would fund the costs that are linked to his photography minor. 

Meharry Medical College was also provided with a stimulus check grant of $10,000- to almost 956 students. Bushnell University also issued a total of around $642,674 to around 206 students. 

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