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Stimulus Check Money For Children To Be Made Permanent?

Stimulus Check has been demanded by the Americans for a long time. The rising demands of the fourth check have initiated a number of reactions. In order to convince the government, several petitions and letters have been launched. Residents have sent letters to the government clarifying their requests. 

A couple of petitions have also been launched. Out of the two portions, one particular petition has gained a lot of interest. The petition launched by Stephanie Bonin has gone viral. Stephanie is a food entrepreneur and has asked the government for funds. The petition asks for a monthly payment of $2000 per month. The money should be provided to all the citizens irrespective of their earning capacity. 

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The petition in question can be found at “Change.org”. Stephanie’s petition is looking to reach 3million signatures. It has already been signed for a whopping 2.8millon times. However, Stephanie feels that the Child Tax Credit money should be made permanent.  Let us discuss the topic in detail below.

Stimulus Check Demands For Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit has been one of the most useful programs taken up by the government. This stimulus check was structured by the administration of Joe Biden. He announced the program when the whole of America was plunged into darkness. Most of the households lost their jobs. People found it extremely difficult to make a living. Thus, the government decided to aid the families having children up to seventeen years of age. 

Families with kids up to the age of six are being provided $300 per month. Children till seventeen years will be entitled to $250. This money will be provided to all the families matching the eligibility criteria. The stimulus check payments reach the qualified citizens on the 15th of every month. Stephanie has questioned in favor of making the Child Tax Credit a permanent solution.

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