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Stimulus Check 2022: IRS Requests Certain Citizens To Return Their Checks

Many recipients of stimulus checks can put the money to good use right now. Most people can find something to do with an additional $1,400 if they don’t require assistance. So, why would anyone send their stimulus payment back to the Internal Revenue Service?

One set of folks is doing so because the IRS has instructed them to do so. That makes sense because they aren’t qualified for a payout. Another set of Americans will return their stimulus check because they will be unable to cash it otherwise. Then some do not care about the money. They can also return it.

IRS May Ask You To Return Your Stimulus Check

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A third stimulus check is not available to a non-resident foreigner. Nonresident aliens aren’t citizens of the United States, don’t have a green card, and haven’t been physically present in the country for the requisite period.

A third stimulus check is not available to anyone who dies before January 1, 2021. The additional $1,400 per dependant is also not accessible if a parent died before 2021, or if both parents died before then in the case of a combined return. The general eligibility criterion has one exception: if the individual who died was a married member of the US military, the surviving spouse is still eligible for a third stimulus check.

A strong push was made to make the third-round stimulus funds more “targeted.” To put it another way, they were exclusively sent to persons who needed financial aid. To that goal, the statute authorizing the third wave of stimulus checks fully eliminated payments for single persons earning more than $80,000 and married couples earning more than $160,000. Nonetheless, this implies that many people who did not lose their job or income as a result of the epidemic will get a third stimulus payment.

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