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Stimulus Check To Hit Californians In Weekend

Stimulus Check has been in the news ever since it was rolled out. The administration of Joe Biden structured the checks in 2020. The payments were aimed at reducing the amount of financial stress on the citizens. The shutdown left most of the families devastated. 

Individuals lost their jobs and were at the brink of bankruptcy. The money provided them with much-needed relief. Most of the American households used the money to pay off their debts. However, the money provided was not enough to see the families off for long. 

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Soon, the payments got exhausted. Citizens faced new challenges and asked the government for money. The federal government did not seem interested in the idea. They are currently focussing on the more fancied Infrastructure Bill. 

Several states have come forward to provide the citizens with money. California has been one of the first states to do so. Let us learn more about the stimulus checks below. 

Stimulus Check To Be Delivered This Week

The Golden State Stimulus II has been a blessing for California. The program was designed by the governor of the state, Gavin Newsom. The money is aimed at reducing the financial struggles of the citizens. Most of them have lost their jobs and are having a tough time. The stimulus check provided has aided the Californians significantly. 

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The program consists of eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled. It states that an individual must not earn above $75000 annually to receive the payment. In the case of a couple, the amount will stand at $150,000. Every qualified citizen will be handed over a sum of $600. 

Bonus payments will also be provided to families having children. An additional $500 will be given to families having children under seventeen years. Recent rounds of stimulus checks are expected to be delivered on 31st October. 

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