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Stimulus Check Update: $2,000 Payment Petition

The legislators in Washington have decided to keep discussions about a fourth stimulus check on the background- despite certain scenarios. The scenario refers to the massive public support for another payment with a petition that would be calling for $2,000 per month.

And this begets the question- has Congress already moved their attention to another place from pandemic aid relief? As it stands, none of the recent proposals of Joe Biden have any payment package included in them. 

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Nevertheless, there have been several internet hoaxes that have claimed that they have positive news about a fourth stimulus check. But the money, interestingly, isn’t exactly out of the question. The IRS hasn’t stopped its process of sending out supplemental payments for stimulus amounts that were owed.

Now, the agency is also providing millions of American families through CTC stimulus payments. Also, there has been news of California issuing a round of Golden State stimulus packages- which provide $600 for a million eligible residents. 

What About $600 Stimulus Check Payments For California Residents?

California has already gone ahead and approved almost two different rounds of stimulus payments to its eligible citizens. These have been called the Golden state Stimulus I and II, where the payments were intended to support Californians of a lower-income household while assisting them to face those hardships due to the pandemic. 

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As has been reported multiple times, a petition has come forward that has collected around 2.7 million signatures. The petition has called on Congress to push out a fourth stimulus check worth $2,000 for adults as well as a payment of $1,000 for children every month until the pandemic gets over. Currently, most of the eligible adults in the country have been receiving a max sum of $3,200 while children have been receiving a sum of $2,500.

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