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Stimulus Check Update: Thousands Could Receive A Share Of $4.7 Million

It has been reported that the residents of Huntsville, Alabama, could be receiving housing payments with the help of $4.7 million allocated as a stimulus check payment. The payment has been recently allocated through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program by the US Treasury.

Interestingly, Huntsville is one of the local governments that has been impacted strongly by the Emergency Rental Assistance Program that has become federally funded to help households that have suffered from major financial hardships due to the coronavirus. The last couple of two stimulus bills went on to allocate around $45 billion in rental assistance funds to assist struggling tenants pay their utility bills or rent. 

Stimulus Check Available For Huntsville Residents

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Just the previous year saw the city approving a stimulus check worth $6 million in rent relief funds but the money has already been distributed by now. In order to be deemed eligible for this aid, most of the residents of Huntsville need to have income at or below half of the Area Median Income, and they should also demonstrate housing instability or unsafe living conditions. Applicants also need to ensure that the unit that they have been renting from is their primary residence and is located within the city limits of Huntsville. 

One or more members of a general household should also be qualified for the unemployment benefits, or they would have to prove that the pandemic caused certain financial difficulties for them- which begets the need for a stimulus check payment. 

The stimulus checks worth $4.7 million this year will be immediately prioritized to those who have been facing immediate eviction- which was mentioned by Scott Erwin, the Huntsville Community Development Manager. Priority will also be provided to applicants who are unemployed, applicants who are currently in the eviction process, as well as applicants who have their incomes below 50% AMI.

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