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Stimulus Check Update: First Checks Delivered

Several states across the country have been looking for avenues to put their stimulus check payments through- so that their residents can be helped. This has turned even more necessary now since Congress has turned a blind eye to major petitions for a fourth payment.

Several forms of payments and benefits are being prepared by the different state governments which would help alleviate the financial blow caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent measures of the government imposed on the back of it. It can be assured that the reports of state financial aid will definitely be a welcome relief for families throughout the country. This would particularly be helpful for those living in a poor state after following more than a year’s worth of difficulties. 

Stimulus Check status – Stimulus Updated List

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Although the deadline for the delivery of money has been set on the 31st of December, several states have already initiated their process of sending out stimulus check payments where they are needed the most. In the state of Alaska, most of the residents may qualify for the extra money that comes through the Federal-State Extended Benefits Program, which would definitely bring in close to 13- 20 weeks of payments. But be sure to remember that this payment is only kept for certain residents and it also depends on how much money has been claimed already. 

Currently, California remains the only state to have a stimulus check which is based on their own money, which has been referred to as the Golden State Stimulus, since the state has a budget surplus in place- courtesy of the tax system. Residents that have an annual earning of around $30,000 – $75,000 will be entitled to a sum of $500- $600, with an extra sum of $500 paid to households with dependents. 

In the state of Colorado, individuals who have at least received a single unemployment payment between March and October last year would be receiving a stimulus check of $375.

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