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Stimulus Check Update: How To Claim A GSS Payment

It has been reported that the state of California has already approved a couple of rounds of stimulus check payments for the citizens of the state. This GSS will approximately reach around two-thirds of the demography of the Golden State. If an individual wants to avail of the tax rebate from the Franchise Tax Board, they would have to file their tax returns in 2021.

The state has set up a deadline on the tax filing on the 15th of July, but most residents will definitely have an automatic extension to file- in the event that they don’t bring out any taxes until the 15th of October. Californians who seek to receive the check must definitely file a tax return before the 15th of October, and no action would be taken further. 

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It must also be noted that any citizen of the state who has already filed their tax return as well as met the requirements to avail of the payment don’t have to do anything else to receive the Golden State Stimulus Check. 

What is the difference between GSS (Golden State Stimulus Check) I and GSS II?

The state had enacted the first stimulus check of California back in February. The check was aimed at the lower-income families of the state who have been making less than $30,000 annually. Residents who went ahead and filed their taxes in the state utilizing their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, while earning below $75,000 annually have also been deemed eligible for a payment of $600.

The payments under the first GSS started moving out on the 15th of April for those who had filed their income taxes between the 1st of January and the 1st of March this year. 

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The Second Stimulus Check or GSS II was sent by the California Comeback Plan in June. The Governor of the State, Gavin Newsom signed this legislation on the 13th of July. This payment expanded the eligibility limit to encompass around 70% of the citizens. 

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