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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Stimulus Check Update- Surging Delta Variant

The number of COVID cases in the country has started increasing again due to the contagious Delta variant. The spread of this variant has already led the CDCP to recommend that people who have already received the vaccination start wearing masks yet again. In the state of Michigan, around eight colleges have already gone ahead and announced that they would be requiring vaccinations in some form for the staff, the students, and the faculty if they wanted to get back to campus this fall.

While the federal or the state government hasn’t yet mandated another lockdown or mask requirement as a result of the surge of the variant, many retailers have put out displays that ask the customers to wear a mask in the stores. Now, this brings us to the question of a stimulus check payment. The surge in cases has again led to several individuals clamoring for yet another round of payments as the economic uncertainty prevails. The claims for unemployment have again increased on a national scale when compared to June. 

Stimulus Check Payments Could Be Made In The Face Of Delta Variant

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However, progress on yet another round of stimulus check payment is slow. Nevertheless, Congress has already started instituting a $1 trillion infrastructure bill– but that doesn’t imply that there has been any form of serious talks for another round of stimulus payment. In the month of May, six members of the House Ways and Means Committee went on to issue a letter to the POTUS which called on additional payments to be made to the Americans as they considered the payments to be a lifeline during the ongoing pandemic. 

The fourth round of stimulus check payments has already received major support from around 80 congressional Democrats and Vice President Kamala Harris.

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