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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: A Fourth Check Vital

Currently, there have been millions of American citizens who have put in their names for another stimulus check, but Congress remains unmoved. Interestingly, if one were to peruse the recent statistics about the financial conditions of the citizens, it would seem important for Washington to get some additional financial relief immediately. Now, there has been an important organization that has joined the calls for other stimulus payments for a very particular group of citizens in the country. 

A Fourth Stimulus Check Is Necessary To Prevent Financial Struggles

The group which has been clamoring for another stimulus check payment is the non-profit institute called the Senior Citizens League. This group is one of the biggest organizations in the country with close to a million supporters. Recently, this organization made it very clear that it supports the notion that retirees who are surviving on social security need a lot more stimulus money in their bank accounts. 

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In order to provide some backbone to their lobbying efforts for another stimulus check, the Senior Citizens League has decided to launch a petition that would encourage people to sign more. It will look towards the collection of both print and online signatures which will be delivered to Congress. Unlike the other petitions that have been circulating throughout, this one doesn’t really ask for payments for everyone- just for senior citizens. 

Their main idea behind requesting a stimulus check worth $1,400 for recipients of Social Security is simply due to the higher levels of inflation that have been permeating the country. The League has repeatedly pointed out that most of the retirees received a minuscule 1.3% benefits from their Social Security increase this year, which brings to a benefit of around $20 per month.

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