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Stimulus Check Update: GSS Payments

Stimulus check payments have definitely done their part in providing households throughout the country with financial assistance. Just the previous week, around 35 million families received the third check of the monthly child tax credit payments for a sum of around $300 per child.

Around 2 million residents in California also received the second round of the Golden State Stimulus payments for a sum of $600 on the 17th of September. Since the pandemic has surged further through the delta variant, there is ample support throughout the country for more direct relief, with a petition calling for around $2,000 in recurring payments- which has collected around 2.89 million signatures. 

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Since a fourth stimulus check payment is completely off the table, several households could definitely qualify for another payment of around $1,400 if they have had a baby this year- although the money wouldn’t get deposited until 2022. There have been other aid coming through the IRS which involves supplemental plus-up payments for stimulus amounts that were owed, along with tax refunds on the unemployment compensation of 2020. 

Is a fourth stimulus check still on the agenda?

A fourth stimulus check is not on the cards, as far as the current agenda of the federal government is taken under consideration. Nevertheless, several researchers have already found that the first three stimulus payments have alleviated hardships like financial instability and food insufficiency.

Currently, eligible adults could be receiving a max sum of 3,200 and children will be eligible for a payment of $2,500. For most struggling families, this isn’t enough money to help them recover from lost benefits and wages. 

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Ever since the American Rescue Plan came into being, the Oval Office has come out with several new stimulus check packages which include the Build Back Better agenda and the American Jobs Plan.

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