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Stimulus Check Update: How Have Americans Spent Their Checks

Quite a few citizens of the country did feel a little guilty when they received the first stimulus check payment, despite them being unemployed. But, this guilt did turn pretty quickly into gratitude when thousands lost their jobs throughout the nation, and the stimulus payments were the only mode of survival that they had.

With the introduction of the CTC payments under the Biden administration, the population may be in a better state than it was last year, so people definitely have something to be thankful about. 

Stimulus Check Payments- Chronology After A Year

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A survey conducted by the Deseret News and the Brigham Young University’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy is quite an annual nationally representative study that tries to analyze how the citizens of this country survive amidst current events.

The survey conducted this year had around 3,000 adults and was fielded by YouGov on the 25th of June through the 8th of July. This took place shortly before the latest variant of the pandemic became widespread, and around the same time, the government was sending monthly stimulus check payments to families that had young children. 

The stimulus check payments have been one of the few initiatives from the federal government that has enjoyed complete bipartisan support. The payments were divided under two contrasting presidents- Donald Trump and Joe Biden- but the purpose was pretty much the same- to help the population out through this sludge and rejuvenate the American economy. 

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The survey went on to discover that around 84% of the citizens had already received their stimulus check payments, and the mode of their spending was revealed too. According to the report published, most of the families in the middle-income range were the ones to receive the payments the most, which also depended on the number of children that resided in the household. 

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