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Stimulus Check Update In Several States Of America

The money from the stimulus check payments is being received by the millions of citizens of America so that they can fight the constant rise of inflation in the country. These direct payments are always in the form of checks or rebates and they are worth thousands of dollars. Indeed, the amount of the relief checks might not be high, still, it is enough to help in buying necessary items like gas, groceries, and many more. 

Five States Are Distributing Their Own Stimulus Check Payments 

Several states have launched their own stimulus checks to assist their residents in this hard time. The state of Georgia has decided to provide a one-time stimulus check to the residents who have filed their income tax returns for the years 2021 and 2022. The proposal was such that single filers of income tax will receive $250, the head of the family will get $375, and joint filers will get an amount of $500. 

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However, for residents who have filed their returns before the bill was signed, their stimulus check payments will be distributed later. The state of Idaho also approved a stimulus check of $350 for eligible residents whose income tax returns for the years 2020 and 2021 must have been filed. 

In addition to the check, Idaho Government also provided grocery-credit returns. Moreover, the Government of Indiana will also distribute a stimulus check worth $125 which will be executed from the month of May. In the case of joint filers, the money will become $250. 

Another proposal was accepted in New Jersey which will give a rebate worth $500 to all the residents who have submitted 2020 NJ-1040. In New Mexico, two bills namely House Bill 2 and House Bill 163 were passed where the first provided $250 to individuals and $500 to joint filers and the second gave a child tax credit worth $25 to $175 for every child.

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