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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: LA Approves $1,000

There have been certain rumors on the internet about a stimulus check worth $15,000- which is completely false. Nevertheless, there are a few other programs that most eligible Americans will be able to apply for and receive some financial support. Good news for the citizens of Los Angeles, who would not benefit from the new basic income program referred to as BIG:LEAP. This would be credit money on a pretty regular basis just to get more approved applicants than ever before. 

Is A Fourth Stimulus Check Coming?

There have been quite a few false claims circulating the internet- blatantly taking advantage of people’s hopes. A YouTube channel called LALATE, with around 400,000 subscribers, published news about a fourth stimulus check on their report posted on Thursday. Currently, the federal government hasn’t brought out any information about another stimulus payment. While the White House has neither denied nor approved the proposal, most experts are of the opinion that another stimulus payment would be quite unlikely at this point in time. 

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One of the main reasons why another Stimulus check wouldn’t be coming out would be due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill which has a funding of $579 billion. It has been reported that no part of that funding has been kept aside for stimulus payments. 

Another reason for the stimulus check payments not coming out could be the ongoing child tax credit payments. The program has set out credit for $1,800 for each child under the age of six years, and a sum of $1,500 for each child under the age of six to 17. This budget has been spread cleanly as monthly checks- which started way back in July. With the two programs currently active, it would be futile to hope that the government has enough budget for another payment.

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