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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: Beware of Monetary Scams

Several Americans have been receiving text messages that claim that they have been chosen for the fourth round of stimulus check payments. And yet, it appears to be a scam as stated by most officials- who have claimed that the messages are completely fake. The text, according to reports, reads- “Congrats!! You have been chosen by the U.S. government as one of the recipients for COVID-19 pandemic relief extra stimulus bonus.”

Stimulus Check Scams Riding On A High

The fake message also reportedly links to a webpage that provides citizens with information on how to apply for the economic impact payments of the government. Quite a few officials from the Department of Treasury have already dismissed the texts as fake and have positively warned citizens about clicking on the link, which claims that the receiver would receive a fourth stimulus check, as it is not authorized. 

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The officials from the Treasury Department have further warned KHOU11 that the public is not to engage in any of the scams regarding stimulus check payments. They added that the singular way possible that would authenticate any sort of stimulus check payment is by putting in their tax returns with the IRS or registering through the portals on the website of the agency. As it stands, these messages are one of the latest in a long line of stimulus payment scams that have surfaced ever since the pandemic took full swing. 

The 15th of July saw a post on social media claiming that most legislators have already passed multiple measures that would send the ball rolling on the fourth round of stimulus check payments and subsequently delivering it to millions of American citizens. The post claims that everyone would be receiving a stimulus payment worth $2500 on the 30th of July. Further, the post linked to another article that supposedly had all the information on how to receive it early.

Unsurprisingly, once individuals clicked on the article about stimulus check payments, they came across an ape flipping them the bird.  

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