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Stimulus Check Update: New Payments Coming In For One Group

It has been reported that a petition from Americans for a stimulus check payment of $2,000 hasn’t really gained as much traction as it would have wanted. This somehow derails the possibility of the petition being turned into a reality, but there is a separate movement that would help one get the necessary aid to one particular group which seems to be having a modicum of success. 

Stimulus Check Call For Senior Citizens Has Met With Some Success

While a call from The Senior Citizens League for a Stimulus check payment of $1,400 hasn’t had quite an impact on Congress either, it has been progressively getting more steam, which has been reported by Fox. A petition has been readily signed by around 95,000 people so far. The petition has specifically noted that while the benefits of Social Security have gone up by 1.3% in 2021, it averaged to only about $20 a month for most of the seniors, and with record inflation knocking at the doors, most of the recipients have indicated that they weren’t able to keep up with the increasing expenses as a result of this. 

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While the call for a stimulus check hasn’t had much success, the call to give senior citizens more aid has been heard, with the result being the adjustment of the COLA- an increase of 5.9%- which is approximately $92- $93 a month. According to CBS News, those who have been born between the 1st and 10th of the month would be receiving their first checks on the 12th of January, with those born between the 11th and the 20th getting theirs on the 19th. Everyone else will be receiving payment on the 26th of January.

However, while the extra stimulus check benefits may seem like quite a lot, and will allow the typical monthly checks to rise up by $1,658, it still isn’t enough to help most of the struggling senior citizens, who also have to pay for Medicare. 

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