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Stimulus Check Update: New Payments Will Be Reaching Soon

While it seems pretty improbable that another stimulus check would be coming soon, most states have taken matters into their hands. Several states have been doing their best to make sure that the existing stimulus packages have been evenly distributed- with several states providing almost 200 billion dollars.

This money will be spent- so that the administration can ensure the economic recovery from the pandemic. The states have been told that the 31st of December would be the deadline for distributing the money- which is why some of them have already dished them out. 

How Have The States Distributed The Stimulus Check Provided?


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California has been the only state that has sent a stimulus check from its own money. Due to the tax system prevalent in the state, they have had a budget surplus that they can utilize for their payment. Residents that have an annual earning of $30,000 – $75,000 will be entitled to a payment of $500 – $600 dollars. 


People who have received around one unemployment payment between the 15th of March, 2020, and the 24th of October, 2020 will be receiving a payment of $375.


The state has repealed taxes on unemployment benefits- with a stimulus payment assigned for families- a sum of $500. Individuals who have filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit will be paid $300. 

New Mexico

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The state has announced plans of distributing around $5 million to the residents who weren’t eligible for the stimulus check payments.


Most of the administrators and teachers have been allocated a sum of $1000- though the plan is still in its earliest stages. 


The plan of this state is quite generous- where administrators and teachers would be pocketing a sum of $1000. Part-time teachers will be given a sum of $500. Pre-K educators will also be given a stimulus check payment. 

All the states have taken measures to see that the residents are provided with some stimulus check relief- so that they could deal with the pandemic. 

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