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Friday, June 9, 2023

Stimulus Check Update- One State Could Be Issuing A Tax Rebate Of $1,050

Millions of residents in the state of California will be receiving multiple stimulus check payments of around $1,050 which would help in offsetting the high price of goods and gas. The payments will be issued to the citizens after the Governor and other legislative leaders arrive at an agreement on the framework for the state budget this year– something that was announced by the Governor’s office on Sunday.

The plan will also be using a large part of the record-setting $97 billion budget surplus that California currently possesses. It is expected that close to 23 million citizens of the state will be receiving payments of around $1,050 as part of a $17 billion inflation relief package, as reported by a news release from the Governor’s office. The agreement that will form the base for this payment decrees that anyone who earns less and has dependents will be receiving far larger direct payments. 

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Stimulus Check Payments In California

Single individuals who have an earning of below $75,000 per year and couples who have an annual earning of $150,000 will be receiving a stimulus check amounting to $350 per taxpayer plus an extra sum of $350 if they have a dependent. So, this implies that a married couple that earns less than $150,000 per year with just a single child will be receiving a sum of $1,050. Single individuals who have an earning of $125,000 and less for a year and couples who make less than $250,000 will be receiving a payment of $250, along with an extra $250 for dependents. 

The stimulus check package is also said to bring in a suspension of the sales tax of the state on diesel and other additional funds that would help the residents of the state pay their rent as well as their utility bills. It will also add a sum of $200 million for reproductive health care services issued in the wake of the bombshell decision of the Supreme Court in overturning Roe v. Wade.

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