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Monday, October 3, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Payments On The Way For Gas Price Relief

With the increase in the price of gas, most Americans have been pretty desperate for some form of a stimulus check that would ease the pain. Currently, legislators have been trying to devise some way to make it possible- they would be willing to push out a payment if it helped those who were struggling the hardest with this continuous increase in the price of gas. 

Stimulus Check Payment For Those Who Have Experienced Financial Trouble

While the price of gas has started trickling down from what the average prices were when March began, they are still at a precarious $4.24 per gallon. The AAA has reported that California has the highest price for gas per gallon- with LA paying around $5.91 per gallon. As a result of these humongous gas prices, lawmakers at both the federal and state levels have started proposing a bunch of plans in order to try and provide the Americans with some relief- but there has not been any indication that a stimulus check payment has been signed into law. 

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The Gas Rebate Act can be thought of as a stimulus check payment that has been proposed by Representatives John Larson, Mike Thompson, and Lauren Underwood. This bill would see to it that both individual and joint tax filers receive a rebate of $100 per person. This will also be kicked in for the entire duration of 2022 as long as the average price of gas gets topped at $4 a gallon during any month that is given. 

Dependents will also be receiving a stimulus check of $100 each, which implies that families would be receiving up to $300 a month in rebate checks. The refund will be made available to people who have an annual payment below $75,000 annually, along with a rebate of $100. It has also been assumed that the checks would be phased out for those who have earned up to $80,000.

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