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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Does New Infrastructure Plan Have Them?

The previous Wednesday saw the Senate voting in favor of another stimulus check plan- which incorporates a $1 trillion national infrastructure plan. The deal was struck between the bipartisan Senator groups and President Joe Biden. After the proposal got a victory of 67-32, it was first presented in the Senate on the 2nd of August.

Incidentally, the proposal is much smaller than the $2.3 trillion plan set by President Biden- the American Jobs Plan- but it does involve quite a lot of important policies. As reported, Chuck Schumer, the Majority Leader does face quite an uphill task to pass the legislation through Congress before the 9th of August.

Does the proposal include funding for a fourth stimulus check?

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In this critical juncture, neither the bipartisan infrastructure proposal nor the American Jobs Plan contains any sort of funding for an extra stimulus check. With the members of the GOP uniformly opposed to the passing of this stimulus payment, it doesn’t seem to be a possibility in the near future. With the bill negotiations continuing in force, the only way another stimulus payment can be included is if the members of the Democratic party use this as a chip for bargaining- where they include it as a Republican priority. 

The new proposals for infrastructure do play quite an important role in Biden’s idea of Build Back Better legislative agenda. This looks at steering the economy through the pandemic- and might be supplemented with another stimulus check. The President had already pledged to completely revamp the American society when he ran for office, and with the position of the POTUS, he has all the means to go through it. 

Since the legislation of this infrastructure bill was obviously quite important for the President, all the Democrats in the Senate voted in its favor. Despite its lack of a provision for a stimulus check, it seemed inordinately hard to find a Republican who would cross the aisle. 

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