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Friday, July 1, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Biden Hasn’t Yet Ruled Out The Possibility Of A 4th Check

While there have been several posts circulated over social media claiming a fourth stimulus check would be in the works, there is a distinct possibility that Biden might just cede to it in the long run. Although the current posts about a payment worth $2,500 are simple scams, there is no reason to discard the notion that the government might come up and bring out yet another stimulus payment if the situation doesn’t get better.

The posts further claimed that the stimulus proposal had been approved by Congress- which the people would then start receiving from the 30th of July. 

Joe Biden Mulling Over the Possibilities of a Fourth Stimulus Check

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Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary for Joe Biden has mentioned that the President is quite open to ideas when it deals with the American Jobs and Families Plan. Nonetheless, he has also come out with a plan that he believes would serve the people better. Reports have been circulated which state that the possibility of yet another stimulus check payments so fast is quite an improbability- and the reports come straight after fake posts circulate on social media.

 One bogus post from the 15th of July mentioned that a fourth stimulus payment had been recently passed, and eligible citizens would be receiving another payment for $2,500 on the 30th of July, 2021. Yet another post spoke about an article that supposedly had all the information for the stimulus check payment- and there was also a form that needed to be filled up. 

Although a large section of the population saw the entire scam as nothing more than a joke, there were few who did fall for the stunt while numerous others went on to ask if the claims regarding a fourth stimulus check were true or not. 

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