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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: State Initiated Stimulus Payments

Stimulus check payments are an example of the shifting system from the federal government to the state. Citizens used to receive financial aid from the federal government before but now are receiving stimulus check payments which is a state-funded relief initiated to fight the battle of covid 19 economically. 

Covid 19 already caused congress a lot of damage; meanwhile, the announcement of 80 million citizens remaining for vaccination shook the whole nation. In this crisis, this stimulus payment will work as a relief to the residents whose financial stability is undermined. 

Situation In Every State For Stimulus Check Payments 

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The last date for completing the stimulus payment is 31st December. But there are still states which are still on hold for the process. Some already started sending out the payments. Below there is a brief description.

Alaska and Arkans are yet to process the state stimulus payments. California has started sending out payments via the Golden State Stimulus System. In Colorado, people with at least one unemployment payment will receive an extra amount of $375. Florida is sending out $1000 for teachers. According to Georgia and Tenneses’s plan, full-time teachers will receive $1000, and part-time teachers will get $500. Families in Maryland will get $500, and individuals will receive $300.

Mississippi is the state where the early payments were made smoothly, but no new phase of payments was initiated. Michigan’s teachers already received a $500 bonus as hazard pay. New Mexico is planning to dispense 5 million dollars to the non-qualifying residents for federal government aid. New York initiated a fund of  2.1 billion dollars for undocumented workers. Texas decided to increase district employees’ pay by 4%. West Virginia still has 7700 unclaimed payments for stimulus payments and child tax credit.

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